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Things have changed from our original Janeware line in the 90s. For 2014 our offering grows in a bunch of exciting ways, and we think you'll love it. More fabrics, styles, and more months in the year you'll want wear our gear.


"50" sports bra

"50" sports bra

Thanks for visiting. The days are getting shorter and our new products are filling up our webstore fast. We are also heading to a bunch of great events where you can see and try on the newest products. You don't have to be cold when you work out outdoors this fall and winter. Hey we also have giveaways planned at all of this fall's events, so check that out if you're planning to be at Head of the Charles or the Providence Cyclocross Festival. Our fans are using c2 for mountain climbing, camping, training and travel all year round, so if you are not officially part of our fan club yet, this is the year. Before you click away don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the latest special deals and developments. You can unsubscribe whenever we seem annoying.

This year when the temperature drops come back and visit us for great gear and gift ideas.